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1) How far in advance should I call to book one of your ladies?

A) It is suggested that you book as far in advance as possible. All ladies employed with Tryst have other employment, model bookings and attend University. However we will always do our best to accommodate short notice bookings.

2) Do you offer half hour appointments?

A) Sorry, but we do not. We feel you cannot appreciate our ladies in such a short time frame.

3) As a new client..how am I verified?

A) We need your real name, profession/business. Any personal questions asked are a matter of our ladies safety. I am personally the only one whom verifies.

4)Do you contact my work/home phone number?

A) We do not call either, but your information will be verified.

5) What happens to my personal information?

A) I pride myself on privacy and discretion, any information collected will be shredded daily.

6) Do you accept credit cards?

A) Yes we do...although cash is king

7) Are tips expected?

A) No, by no mean is tipping expected, and any up selling of any kind is prohibited at TRYST. But by all means, if you truly enjoyed your time together, a tip or gift is always appreciated.


If this short FAQ did not answer all the questions you may have. Feel free to call or email any time

Thank you!


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